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NameRights.com is the world’s first marketplace for naming rights sponsorship opportunities at events and facilities. Naming rights are a type of arrangement where a company becomes part of the name of an event or facility by financially supporting another organization. The first thing that you’ll notice when visiting NameRights.com is that it looks a bit like Zillow or Realtor.com. That’s because naming rights at facilities (e.g. arenas, stadiums, etc.) have a lot of similarities to real estate. But don’t be mistaken, NameRights.com is for more than just buildings. You can use our platform to promote event sponsorship opportunities as well.

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Whether it’s a golf tournament or an annual fundraiser, there’s always a place for a title sponsor who wants to support your mission. Naming rights are valuable to sponsors because they are local, scarce, highly visible and tax deductible. By creating listings at NameRights.com, you can upload photos of your events or facilities while providing details about your sponsorship options. Standard Listings are ALWAYS FREE so it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time. We also provide custom marketing support for venues, leagues, teams and athletic departments. To learn more about our sports and entertainment marketing solutions, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming rights sponsorship is not limited to multi-million dollar agreements between global brands and pro sports teams. There are numerous school boards, recreation departments, athletic directors and advancement officers that have crafted “win-win” agreements with private donors and corporate sponsors. Here are some of the many ways to use NameRights.com:

  • To raise funds for a private school at its annual golf tournament.
  • To finance the construction of a high school sports stadium.
  • To expand the number of exhibits or galleries at a museum.
  • To decrease the need for public (bond) funding for a new library.
  • To generate more revenue for the organizers of a music festival.
  • To fund a portion of major renovations needed at an aquarium.

Companies secure naming rights to increase a brand’s profile and visibility, show commitment to a community, create cross promotional opportunities, or support a specific cause or mission. The primary benefits for the entity or organization that grants/sells naming rights is the revenue that it generates and the alignment with a particular brand or donor.  Given the “win-win” nature of such partnerships, it is no surprise that naming rights agreements have grown increasingly popular among high schools, local governments, libraries and museums in recent years.


Yes. Standard listings are ALWAYS FREE at NameRights.com. Our goal is to help as many programs as we can across the country. We are building something special at NameRights.com and would love for you to be a part of it. Be sure to follow us on social media or add a link to us at your website.

Featured listings are at the discretion of the editors of NameRights.com. The key to being featured is to put your best foot forward with high quality photos and complete/full descriptions about your sponsorship opportunity and ideal partner. Because the search field includes the dollar amount of the sponsor fee (i.e. the “cost” of the sponsorship), it is always best to include an asking price.