Local Spotlight Article: Q&A With Toca Juniors Football Club ® of Potomac, MD

Potomac, MD – From humble beginnings in 1996, the Toca Juniors Football Club ®  has grown to support 250+ players on 14 youth teams (ages 4-19) along with more than 100 adult players on an informal basis. NameRights.com caught up with the club to find out what they have in store for the upcoming year. 

How did you come up with your team name?

Our Club name is a derivative of our adult original team La Tocadita. The word Toca comes from the Spanish verb ‘to touch’. If used in the context of a football match it simply means ‘to pass’ the ball. Taken in a larger context, a ‘Tocadita’ or ‘Toca’ represents a style of football. A style that relies equally on skill and team work where the joy for the game is the epicenter.

What is the team’s biggest accomplishment from last year?

Our non-profit all volunteer Club’s Board has worked hard with our engineers to finalize our field plans and obtain permits from the county to develop our own soccer complex. All teams are actively participating in the Club’s development.

What is your focus for the 2019 season?

Our goal is always to continue to improve the quality of our training while prioritizing the friendship between players and their overall integral development and well being. As a Club we are also looking forward to our ground breaking ceremony April 28th, 2019 and the beginning of our fields construction.

What should new players look forward to during tryouts for the upcoming season?

We do not believe in tryouts rather our aim is to develop players and include not only interested players but also their friends and siblings in the Club. We strongly encourage players that are local to our teams in order to avoid long commutes and isolation from family trying to split siblings on different teams. We are probably a unique Club because we offer competitive soccer for young children, middle and high schoolers, college players and young adults (mostly Toca Alumni) as well as Moms and Dads.

Can you explain your coaching philosophy?

Our coaches lead by example. We strongly believe soccer is a game and all players should have fun while developing their skills, fitness and understanding of the game. We focus on creating the right atmosphere that provides our players the opportunity to love the game and develop their skills while building life-long relationships.

What is the most important thing you tell your players before a game?

Enjoy it, we love to see you play and play simple.

Tell us about the approval for the development of the new Toca Juniors Soccer Complex?

This is a very exciting and huge step forward for our Club. In 2017, we were able to purchase land in a great community and we are thrilled that the community and the County have embraced our project. Since the approval, our dreams have moved one step closer. Now we are fully focused on the next stage of fundraising, looking for sponsors, making field development decisions and interviewing contractors.

In what ways you do you partner with local sponsors and why is their support important to you?

For more than 10 years we have had the same local vendor for our uniforms and equipment which allows us and them to maximize their visibility and promote awareness of their store. We have community business run by players, parents and neighbors as sponsors. They use our website, social media and events such as the end of the season parties, tournaments and fundraisers to fulfill some of their marketing and sales needs. We strongly believe in long standing relationships and community support. We are looking forward to working with the Urbana (Maryland) business community to start new lifelong and trustworthy relationships.

NameRights.com extends a special thank you to the entire Toca Juniors FC organization. Be sure to visit the stadium and show them some love on social media!