North Carolina Business Spotlight: Q&A with The Valcarol Missions

Concord, NCThe Valcarol Missons escape room is now open in Concord, North Carolina. recently had the pleasure to speak with the owners to learn more about their unique venue. Be sure to check them out when you visit Concord or the Greater Charlotte area. The experience is nothing short of thrilling!

How would you describe an escape room to someone who has never visited one?

It’s like being on an adventure, where you get to be the hero! It’s an interactive form of entertainment, that can be imagined as a live video game. You have an hour to take in the beautiful scenery, solve puzzles, and have fun!

What are the best times/ways to play and are there any age restrictions?

If you are coming for corporate team building, the best time to play is the weekdays. It is easier to get a private room those days, and your work team can collaborate in a fun environment. If you are coming with a date, friends, or family, just check availability online and call if you have any questions. We recommend our room for ages 12 and up, but have had younger children who had a great time and proved very successful at the puzzles!

What was the inspiration for the name of your business?

We combined our mother’s names. My mom’s name was Valerie (Val) and his mom’s name is Carol. When we put the names together to make Valcarol, it even sounded like the perfect spaceship name! Valcarol is the name of the spaceship in our story as well as the name of our business. It’s unique enough to stand out among escape rooms and holds a special place in our heart.

What stands out about The Valcarol Missions compared to other escape rooms?

Our escape room is fully-themed with detailed scenery and an exciting story line. In fact, all of our stories are intertwined, like a movie saga or a novel series. This immerses players and allows them to forget everything else, while playing. Also, there are no combination locks or keys! The Valcarol Missions Escape Room is a next generation room and has technology incorporated that makes things seem to happen magically! We strive to make it the best escape experience for our customers by tailoring clue-giving and answering any and all questions before and after play.

The Valcarol Missions Escape Room in Concord, NC

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Posted by The Valcarol Missions Escape Room on Thursday, February 28, 2019

What was your most memorable group like?

My most memorable group was a family group. At the time, their child was the youngest child we had to date. She was ten years old. She was super excited to play, as were her parents, so I didn’t want to rain on their parade and admit my doubts as to how many puzzles could be solved by a ten year old. I figured she’d help with a puzzle or two, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the sound effects, and feed off her parent’s enjoyment. Ha! Boy, was I wrong! The child solved many puzzles on her own, even a puzzle I have to frequently clue adults with and she collaborated well with her parents to solve puzzles too! She was absolutely an equal partner and an asset to solving that room successfully! That changed my outlook on absolute age restrictions in our rooms.

What can we look forward to in the future for The Valcarol Missions?

We have endless possibilities for future room themes and games, since our story lends itself to so many ideas! The Crystal Cave is the room open, and we are building The Hidden Lab room right now. We will have four rooms open eventually, and their stories can be read at Our social media pages will keep everyone updated on new room openings.

In what ways you do you support the community and why is giving back important to you?

We support the community by participating in charitable fundraising events, such as one coming up in April that is for a local nonprofit that provides services to individuals with special needs. We also support the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau, whose objective is to promote and market Cabarrus County as a visitor destination and promote public awareness of the importance of tourism. We get excited about working with our community members and enjoy coming together to help others in our community. extends a special thank you to The Valcarol Missions. Be sure to visit their escape room and show them some love on social media!