Sponsorship Proposal Letter Template

Here Are 5 Things To Tell Sponsors About Forming A Naming Rights Partnership With Your Event, Venue Or Organization…

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Are you searching for a company to sponsor your facility or next event? Naming Rights Are A Unique Way To Create A “Win Win” Sponsorship Arrangement. Naming Rights Are A Type Of Partnership Where A Company Becomes Part Of The Name Of An Event Or Facility By Financially Supporting Another Organization.

1. Goodwill

Sponsorship Is A Way To Show Your Commitment To A Specific Community.

2. Social Media

“Buzz” That Can Be Measured Has More Value Than Other Media In The Internet Era.

3. Tax Deductible

Naming Rights Can Be Written Off When Made To Non-Profits In Many Circumstances.

4. Public Relations

Naming Rights Sponsorship Announcements Are Consistently Newsworthy.

5. Scarcity

There Are Typically Only One Or Two Naming Rights Sponsors Per Event Or Venue